Exterior Wood Siding

Katy Siding offers the following general contractor services:

• Bathroom remodels
• Complete home remodels
• Drywall repair
• General rebuilding
• Kitchen remodels
• Painting
• Roofing

We know you’ll be delighted. Only top-notch craftsmen get the nod when it comes to working at Katy Siding. We cater to the 5% rule: Most companies do the job and then get outta Dodge, often leaving ample clean-up work for the homeowner. The 5% rule says that only those companies that follow up on the final 5% of every project will survive to work another day. Referrals and testimonials are our lifeblood, so 100% is an unbendable rule here at Katy Siding. When we finish your project, you’ll never know we were there, except for the outstanding results you hired us to achieve!

We know you have a big choice to make ahead of you, and many siding companies to choose from. The decision, as always, is yours. Thanks for considering us!

We hope you’ll choose Katy Siding for our

• Expertise and knowledge
• Quality people and products
• Respect for your person and property
• Longevity
• Can-do, will do attitude
• Zero tolerance for inferior siding products or application

We’re always happy to provide references beyond the published testimonials you’ll find here at our website. Call us today! Office:(713) 955-7959